Bereavement & Loss

Grieving after a death or other loss (e.g. divorce/separation, abortion, job, health, loss of safety such as after violence, relocation) is a natural and necessary process that most people experience and come out the other side of in a reasonably healthy way. However, sometimes people just don’t have support (or the right kind of support) Continue reading »

Childhood Abuse

Childhood abuse, whether it is physical, emotional or sexual (or a combination of these) can have long term effects on mental health and wellbeing. Many people who experience childhood abuse live successful lives. Sometimes though people feel the need for extra emotional support through counselling. When might someone who has survived childhood abuse seek counselling? Continue reading »

Workplace Issues

Probably the first question that is asked of us when meeting someone new is, “What do you do?”. Our job is a large part of our identity and we spend much of our time at work, often in the company of people we haven’t chosen to spend time with! There are a number of work Continue reading »


Human beings are naturally sociable and the connections we build in relationships help us to work out who we are, feel we belong and give our lives meaning. Those with satisfying relationships have fewer health problems and studies have shown they live longer. When we surround ourselves with good relationships we are more able to Continue reading »

Working With Trauma/PTSD

Possibly the most important thing to realise about counselling for Trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD – distress caused by trauma that hasn’t resolved within 4-6 weeks) is that you can be trusted to know what’s best for you and therefore the pace at which you feel comfortable. It’s not necessary to work directly Continue reading »

Like Yourself Better

Self-esteem is the way we regard ourselves, almost as though we were evaluating someone else.  Some people find that their self-esteem depends on what others think rather than relying on their own judgement. What contributes to low self-esteem?  Early experiences contribute to adult self-esteem.  As children if we are praised and helped to recognise what Continue reading »

Anger Management

Anger is one of the most basic human emotions. Our beliefs about anger and the way we relate to the angry part of ourselves is shaped by how others react to our anger when we are growing up. Children often act out their feelings of anger because they don’t have the language to externalise it. Continue reading »

How Can Counselling Help Depression?

Nobody can be happy all the time but if you have feelings of emptiness or despair that won’t go away you may have depression. Depression makes it hard to enjoy life or function normally. However, it can be overcome and understanding the symptoms, causes and treatment is the first step to overcoming the problem. What Continue reading »