My belief is that if a person has a problem, they also have the answer.

My interest in counselling probably began from my own life struggles and the realisation that talking alleviated some of the feelings and helped to provide some clarity. Working with many clients over the years has reinforced my belief in the power of talking. Instead of locking everything inside in some kind of inaccessible crypt, talking allows us to externalise issues that are bothering us. It’s only possible to talk honestly and openly when the relationship is accepting and non-judgemental, as we can then describe the issue more fully.


When our issues are externalised through talking we are able to create just enough distance for a moment to observe the issue from all angles. We shift from perhaps feeling that we are the issue (or are stuck with the issue) to greater clarity of things we can and cannot change. This clarity offers us hope that we can make some changes or it can help us identify what we might need in accepting the things we can’t change.

A counsellor will likely notice things you might not as you describe the issue. The purpose of counselling is to help you increase your awareness. Knowledge is power and the more we can know about ourselves in relation to our issues, the more empowered and hopeful we feel (rather than feeling helpless, hopeless and stuck).


If we aren’t able to externalise our issues they can feel overwhelming and create profound unhappiness. This can manifest in depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties or even physical illness. These are often reasons people seek help from a counsellor.

I offer a confidential service to help clients who are experiencing a range of issues, such as: Anger, Bereavement, Loss, Depression, Anxiety, Childhood Abuse, Stress, Burn-Out, Trauma, Workplace Issues, Relationship Difficulties and Past Issues.

Ready to find out more?

If you still feel you would like more information I would be happy to schedule in a phone call to discuss your particular situation. You can drop me an email here.

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