I believe that if a person has a problem they also have the answer and that the main reason people struggle so much is that they haven’t worked out what the questions are, so no wonder they can’t find the answers.

Talking to a counsellor who is removed from the problem means starting at the beginning and deciding what to talk about (and therefore what is important). This makes it real. I can help you focus on what the problem is and what it’s like for you to be experiencing it. My role is to be curious with you (not judgemental) so that you can be honest with yourself. Sometimes, as children, our curiosity about ourselves is discouraged and sometimes we grow to believe that others’ feelings are more important than ours so as adults we neglect to listen to ourselves.

Counselling is about really hearing yourself and not having to worry about how it will affect someone else. How you are with the problem is as important as the problem itself.

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If you would like more information on how I could help you please contact me on:

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Important Information About Data Protection

New GDPR data protection legislation came into force on 25thMay 2018. This governs the way your data is handled. This means that I need your signed consent in order to hold information about you. The processes I have put in place are:


  • I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (

  • I am the only person who has access to contact details and session notes.

  • All your information is kept in a secure environment and is used solely for administration and contact purposes.

  • Your paper contact details are kept separate from your anonymised session notes.

  • Your contact details may be stored electronically in order to contact you by telephone or email, or for billing purposes. You have the right for these details to be deleted on request.

  • Session notes are kept on paper only and are retained for 6 years (in line with the Statute of Limitations Act 1980), after which time they will be shredded.

  • You have the right to view session notes within one month of requesting this. If a full paper copy is required there will be a reasonable charge incurred for the related costs of producing them.

  • In the event of my death or incapacitation my supervisor will ensure that all contact details and session notes are destroyed.

  • By signing my GDPR form, you confirm that you have read and understood this information and that you give your consent to the above.