Help With Sex/Porn Addiction & Partners

Help With Sex/Porn AddictionSex Addiction and Porn Addiction are on the increase, yet many remain aware that their compulsive sexual behaviours are a mechanism for soothing emotional difficulties that haven’t been addressed. There has been a rapid increase in both addictions in the past 10 years, largely due to 24 hour internet access to porn, hook up sites, sex workers and cyber sex. Lack of education and awareness in this area can lead to confusion around what is a choice of sexual behaviour and what is compulsive.

The consequences aren’t just limited to those addicted. Partners, families and friends suffer the fallout too. Only too often someone arrives in therapy either because they are in a desperate situation (have hit Rock Bottom) or because they have been sent by a desperate partner. The Rock Bottom of Sex/Porn Addiction is often:

  • Relationship breakdown following discovery of behaviours

  • Job loss

  • Arrest

  • Financial loss

The good news is that although brain changes have taken place due to addiction, these can be reversed (Neuroplasticity). Education, non-judgemental support and looking at underlying issues form the basis of this reversal.

Sex/Porn addiction is a health issue rather than a moral issue and the following pages are intended to offer some basic understanding for those who suspect they might be affected or partners/families/friends of someone whose life has become sexually out of control.

Please get in touch if you think you would like some support with this issue.