All testimonials on this page have been generously offered by clients who would like others to feel more confident in accessing counselling.

They have bravely gone into the unknown and have come out of the other side in a different and better place. Sometimes the unknown inside of us is scarier than the unknown on the outside.

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“I continued my counselling journey with Aileen during my own training to become a counsellor. However, I myself was in an extremely dark place and felt trapped and suffocated. How I would describe my own fight to become free was done by Aileen gently holding my hand. She was the role model I needed at such a desperate time. She supported me to make sense of my world and find my own identity. She allowed me to be myself as I felt her warmth and learnt to believe in her honesty and acceptance of me. She was extremely knowledgeable. I am forever grateful to Aileen and feel very lucky that I found her. I would highly recommend her.”



“Counselling is a big step to take and is not a quick-fix remedy. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work, and my journey to sort out deep-rooted issues was made that much easier with Aileen…..I felt we were a team working together, being guided gently and with compassion to deal with my issues.”



“Speaking to Aileen really helped me to get to grips with my Post Natal Depression. Through very insightful questioning she helped me to work through my feelings and by the end of 6 weeks I could feel the ‘fog’ lifting. Thank you so much. I can’t recommend Aileen enough!”



“When I first met Aileen I was in a very dark place and thought I would never feel happy again. With Aileen’s help and encouragement I have gone deep inside of me and put many things into perspective. I am still learning to deal with certain aspects of my life but with Aileen’s help I have learned valuable skills and lessons and have continued to put these into practice in my everyday life. Counselling is, for me, one of the hardest but most rewarding things I have ever done and I couldn’t have asked for a better counsellor”


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“I no longer feel near breaking point…..It’s been amazing, life changing.”



“I received counselling from Aileen George, after a recent bereavement. I found her to be incredibly empathetic. She was also gently directive and compassionately insightful in uncovering issues I needed to work on. I was fully supported during this process which led me to feel empowered, capable and in control of my own life. I was then able to move through the process of grief with acceptance and meaning”



“I have learned to accept myself and what I thought were my failings. Aileen has let me face and deal with past experiences in a safe environment and encouraged acceptance of “me”. I try to look outside my bubble to embrace life rather than hide behind a wall of anxiety – it is still work in progress and probably always will be, but I now have the strength to embrace life with the secure knowledge that I am in charge and can cope with life’s ups and downs. All of the counselling was useful and I still go over techniques learned – and we are months down the line now – and it still works.”


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