Workplace Issues

Probably the first question that is asked of us when meeting someone new is, “What do you do?”. Our job is a large part of our identity and we spend much of our time at work, often in the company of people we haven’t chosen to spend time with! There are a number of work related issues that lead people to seek counselling:

  • Workplace bullying – counselling can help explore the power imbalance and strategies for dealing with the bullying, as well as ways of emotionally disengaging
  • Redundancy
  • Changes
  • Poor work/life balance – it can be useful to explore where this stems from e.g. employer or self
  • Micro-managing – usually stemming from anxiety leading to the need to control, counselling can help to explore the need to micro-manage or the effects of being micro-managed
  • Inclusion difficulties – work can be a place where we feel we belong (an important human need) or are excluded

If you feel you might benefit from talking about difficulties you are having with work and you are employed, it’s worth checking with your HR department to see if your employer has already signed up to external support services that include counselling (such as an Employee Assistance Provider or Healthcare Provider). You may be entitled to a fixed number of sessions which are free for you. Please see my About page for details of companies I am registered with. Your employer only receives statistical information on how many employees have used the service, they are not informed of what is discussed in the sessions.

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